National Gallery of Australia


Electrical Solutions ACT was awarded the contract over the existing BMS provider for the supply and installation of the BMS for the NGA "New Look" extension which houses the Indigenous Galleries and extensive new foyer and function rooms. The project offered many challenges, not the least of which was the very exact environmental conditions required within the new galleries. The NGA houses some of Australia’s most significant art works which require extremely close control of temperature and relative humidity. Collection and analysis of detailed trend data documenting this control, is critical to securing future visiting exhibitions.

The project also included a state of the art tri-generation plant which utilised a number of gas powered micro-turbines as the primary heat source. The intuitive WebCTRL graphical user interface provides hands on access for the gallery maintenance staff and generates critical alarms via the in house phone paging/email system to alert staff, should a plant fault occur.

CIT – Sustainable Skills Training Hub


The CIT – SSTH provides a hands-on teaching facility for training future engineers and designers in the implementation and use of sustainable HVAC systems. The facility includes various air conditioning plant configurations including ventilation stacks, passive chilled beams, active chilled beams, passive hot water heating, ducted air, chilled water plant, lake water cooling, tri-generation and more. The many plant options are all incorporated into the building air conditioning system to provide required conditions. All equipment is accessible and available to the operators via WebCTRL’s graphical user interface over the CIT intranet. The operators are able to witness the operational effects and benefits of the various systems with the powerful trending capabilities of Automated Logic's WebCTRL.


The system is available via remote web access through a client managed virtual private network.

Australian National University - Jaeger 8


The Australian National University has now embraced open protocol building management systems (BMS) due to the many benefits that are available to the campus style facility operator. Benefits include competitive pricing, improved vendor performance through competition and access to the latest state of the art BMS products.


The Jaeger 8 project was awarded to Electrical Solutions ACT who offered the Automated Logic Corporation range of native BACnet equipment and WebCTRL web based user interface. The Jaeger 8 project incorporates low energy HVAC systems which utilise stored rain water as a heat transfer source and utilise mechanical cooling outside of business hours to minimise running costs. Due to the innovative nature of the HVAC plant and the many different control strategies employed, the WebCTRL graphical user interface and powerful trending capabilities were paramount in being able to display and trend the available data.

The graphics are displayed in the foyer on a wall mounted monitor to promote interest and environmental awareness within the building community.

Other Electrical Solutions ACT Sites

1. Office
  • APVMA Symonston
  • 44 Mort Street (ACC)
  • 82 Northbourne Avenue (AMSA)
  • 55 Wentworth Avenue
  • 53 Wentworth Avenue
  • 40 Allara Street
  • Attorney General’s NOC Symonston
  • Greenway Offices Holwell St. Greenway
  • 6 National Circuit

2. Education
  • Australian National University – Jaeger 8
  • Australian National University – Peter Baume Bldg. Teaching Laboratories
  • Australian National University – High Performance Computer (HPC) Building
  • Miles Franklin Primary School
  • Hawker Primary School
  • Charles Sturt University – Peter Till Bldg
  • Charles Sturt University – Staff Accommodation
  • Lyneham High School Performing Arts Centre
  • CIT Sustainable Energy Training Facility
  • Wangaratta TAFE
  • Charles Sturt University – ERICC
  • Charles Sturt University – Gordon Bevan Bldg
  • Charles Sturt University – Dentistry
  • Charles Sturt University – Early Learning
  • Charles Sturt University – Wellness Centre
  • Duffy Primary School
  • Curtin Primary School
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning Stirling

3. Retail
  • The "G" Gungahlin
  • Westfield Belconnen

4. Accommodation
  • AIS Athletes Accommodation
  • Goodwin Ainslie Village
  • Cameron Wing 5 – Student Accommodation

5. Special Purpose
  • Australian National University - RSBS Greenhouses
  • Australian National University – High Performance Computer Facility
  • The "Q" Performing Arts Centre
  • Canberra Data Centres Hume
  • National Gallery of Australia
  • National Library of Australia
  • Joint Emergency Services Gungahlin
  • AIS Aquatic Testing and Training Facility
  • AIS SSSM Building
  • The Canberra Times

6. Defence
  • Mulwala 604E
  • Mulwala 609D

7. Clubs
  • National Press Club Barton
  • Hellenic Club Woden